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The first workshop session for this project will be running (by invitation only) on the 4th of November at Worthing Museum. Future workshops are in the pipeline...

This workshop session is being funded by the Michael Aldrich Foundation as part of the Drug of Art project headed by Alison Lapper.

The main goal of the project is to celebrate neurodiverse minds through art and creativity. Neurodivergent people often have to mask important aspects their true personalities in order to fit into a neurotypical world, this has a massive impact on people’s well being and often leads to serious mental health issues. 

The idea of the workshop is to celebrate the wonder of neurodivergent minds and personalities, by creating artworks about aspects of our personalities that are often hidden. Such as hyper-fixations on certain topics, ways of speaking, thinking, moving our bodies and everything in between.

Our first workshop will be working with university students (18-25 yrs). It is specifically designed to show that there are many neurodivergent people in our universities, hopefully this can be an inspiration to other neurodivergents that may feel there is no place for them in these spaces. 

It is also a way of beginning a wider conversation about how these systemic prejudices affect our young people and trigger some conversations within the universities themselves.

This session will be the first of a series  sessions that will work towards building a large body of work with a variety of age ranges, students and faculty too. 

The workshop itself will be a mask making workshop, where the young people will decorate the inside of ready-made masks, with found objects, paint, clay etc… anything the like. These will represent the wonderful aspects of themselves that they feel they need to mask. The other side of the mask will be painted grey, to show how masking removes people’s joy and confidence in themselves

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