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It brings me great pleasure to present this wonderful human and all the hard work she puts into improving the disabled community around her. Lauren Perry runs a Facebook support group for disabled people in the Brighton and Hove area called a little poorly Brighton as well as Aticcer's Guide To Life , where she writes about all aspects of living life as a disabled young woman. She's amazing and I highly recommend giving her a follow. We'll be working together soon on a joint project where we celebrate some of the most accessible places in Brighton.

"I'm Lauren, I'm a soon to be 21 year old living in what feels like a 90 year olds body. I'm originally from Luton but live in Brighton for University. I live with a new diagnosis of what I now know to be Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I spent many years being passed from pillar to post much like many other chronically ill people.

I have a blue badge which has improved my quality of life dramatically! But like many disabled young people, I am feeling isolated- I have plenty of friends who are amazing but our energy levels simply don’t match up- it’s hard for people to see why I sleep 28 hours a day or why I slur my words or faint if I walk. It's tough not being able to keep up with my friends whilst others my age are out clubbing till 6am. I’m sure many of you are used to the ‘oh really you can’t do that’ comments that come along with an invisible disability!

​It’s okay to feel rubbish sometimes, we all do! But for me my own negativity tends to bring me down so I’m trying my best to surround myself with goodness!"

-Lauren Perry

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