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She Rides And Reviews : Mill Hill Access Trail - Steyning

Hello readers! Today’s instalment of She Rides And Reviews takes us to Mill Hill Access Trail – Steyning. Advertised as one of “Allison’s top 5 accessible spots in the South Downs National Park” by, none other than, South Downs National Park! High praise indeed! So, let’s see how it measured up under my close scrutiny!

Let me begin by setting the mood for this walk. I feel like this is an important part of choosing an outing, especially if you have wavering physical and mental health like I do. I actually had another route planned for today but due to my intense, unbridled current state of anxiety I found myself making all sorts of excuses as to why I couldn’t do that path today. After several hours of fretting over google maps and checking the weather every 4 to 5 mins in case, by some miracle of god a hurricane was about to hit us and create the perfect reason for me to stay home. Happily spending the only sunny day this week safely tucked up on the sofa surrounded by my own misery.

Hurricane not forthcoming, I was forced to adopt a different strategy. Why not chose a different place to go today? One that I thought would be boring, short and offer very little in the way of a mental challenge for me. I am really selling it to you now, aren’t I?! “Mill Hill” I cried! That seems like the perfect place to go, A 500m circular path rated accessible to all, that felt like something I could do today.

As we arrived in the carpark I was (of course) a little anxious about the state of the path as the carpark was extremely rutted and bumpy. However, the far-right hand corner of the carpark, where the path begins is in better condition and I could manage it just fine on my scooter.

As I mentioned before, the path is short and I had very low expectations for this mini trail, but as soon as I arrived it felt like a very special place to be. You are at, what feels like, one of the highest points for miles around. With breath-taking views of the sea, the downs and Shoreham airport. We even saw a couple of planes taking off and landing whilst we were there. I could literally feel the worry and stress melting away as I took in the scenery. Being in places like this has a very strong grounding effect on me and I think this may become a favourite spot for calm contemplation on days like today.

The path itself is short, but it’s an interesting little route. It would be great if you had young children as it feels like you are exploring a woodland and we even spotted some fairy doors! A couple of paths forked off into the wooded area which would be nice for slightly older kids that you don’t mind not having eyes on whilst you do a lap.

The path itself was great, nice and flat, perfect for any wheeled user. I managed to get my scooter into a small glade that was again very flat but did have branches on the floor, as you would expect as it’s not officially part of the path. The bench with the best views is over some slightly bumpy grass with a few rabbit holes in it, so watch out for those.

Mill Hill is not a day out or an epic adventure. It’s a place to take some time out, maybe for a quick hour or so. Have a picnic and take in the world around you.

As always here is a video of the path, so you can judge for yourself if it suitable for you.

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