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Image by Barn Images

Sculpture and Making

Audrey II

Sometimes it's fun to just make things because you want to! I love my plants and one of my huge Aloes really needed a I made her one inspired by the amazing 80's classic 'Little Shop of Horrors'

I created her from a 3d printed core with Polymer clay over the top. Spray paint and acrylic paint detail.

The Lonely Robot 

This Project was about creating objects that were tactile and made people want to touch them. My interpretation of that was to create an object that people felt compelled to touch for more than just a sensory reason. The lonely robot and his sad story of being left to go dusty on the shelf whilst all the other toys got picked. 

This piece was meant to show the power of narrative. 

The lonely robot was made from an old rotten bench...Materials that would normally be sent to the skip. But now with a change of form and narrative he is a precious object.

Copper Jewellery 

Experimenting with copper jewellery design

Brighton Gin Art Prize - 2nd place

The Brighton Gin Art Prize - This competition was a lot of fun. The objective was to make a piece of work in ,on or around the Brighton Gin Bottle. I have no idea why I chose Beatle Juice it just seemed like the right time to make him! 

Ceramics Experimentation

Here is a collection of my ceramics vessel experiments. 

The Mask Of Strength

This project was the beginning of my journey in exploring disability and mental health within my work. I used the idea of the mask that we wear when we are feeling low. They also represent the struggle the neurodivergent people face day to day as they try to mask their personality traits the other would consider "problematic", at great personal harm to themselves. I chose the wild boar as a symbol of animalistic strength, to represent the survival instinct that pushes us to wear such masks. 

The tusks are hand sculpted in Jesmonite and the rest of the work is latex infused with my own hair.


This piece was based on the population of Brighton and Hove City. Each element represents different religions, gender and ages. The data i used was from the 2001 and 2011 census. Using the two date points I created this as a celebration of how Brighton and Hove Diversity had increased between these times.

Kinder Begs

This project was about exploring a subversive narrative. I used the Idea of a well love kinder egg toys and exploring the darker side to them. Not only are these toys deeply problematic in ecological terms but also ultimately always disappointing for the user. The kinder egg is used as a symbol of throw away culture and making them into monsters was a play on showing them for what they really are.

Made form polymer clay and died plaster of paris.


Life Drawing

This is my favourite sculpture. I have always struggled with drawing what is in front of me and when I was faced with doing two days of life drawing on my foundation course, i shudder at the thought of the terrible drawings that I would be bringing into the world. Day one was very as expected, but on day two we were encouraged to use cardboard and this is when I made this piece. I love it's simplicity and roughness. For a brain like mine, that is always so noisy to be able to reach a moment of simplicity is something that occurs very rarely!

Made from an old cardboard box.

Brighton Beach Memento

This pendant was designed as a gift for a person who loved visiting Brighton, as a way for them to keep a bit of Brighton with them wherever they go. 

The inlay is crushed turquoise (to represent the sea) and mother of peal shells found on Brighton beach. Encased using CA glue, in the wood from an ice-lolly stick that they had eaten when they last visited.


Abstract Glass work

These were experimental glass pieces, photographed through a macro lens. 

Cosplay Masks

Some Horror and sci fi mash up masks for cosplay commissions.

Pumpkin Carving

Here's a few of my pumpkin carvings.

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