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Disability Culture Research Group

The Disability Culture Research Group (DisCReg) is a diverse community of researchers at all career stages dedicated to exploring disability through a lens that transcends the medical model. Our members include individuals with lived experience of disability as well as allies committed to advancing disability rights and perspectives with a focus on centring voices of minoritised genders. With representation from both the University of Brighton and researchers from across the UK and beyond, DisCReg fosters a collaborative environment where insights from diverse backgrounds converge.

Models to realities: Nuanced perspectives on Disability  Symposium

The Disability Culture Research Group (DisCReg) inaugural event was a deep dive into the rich and varied dimensions of disability culture, offering perspectives that seek to go beyond disconnected models of disability and instead thrive in the interconnected nature of lived realities that make up Disability culture.

DisCReg is a vibrant collective of researchers at all career stages, unified by a commitment to understanding and advancing disability through a broad and inclusive lens. Our group includes members with lived experiences of disability and allies dedicated to advocating for disability rights, with a particular emphasis on centring the voices of minoritized genders. We are proud to include scholars from across the UK and globally, fostering a collaborative environment where diverse insights and backgrounds intersect.

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